Decorating Ideas for Thanksgiving

One of the first things that come to mind when they think of Thanksgiving is the big feast. The turkey alone is enough to make mouths water. There is quite a bit of history behind the day, but at its core, it’s about giving thanks for what we have and those who were able to help provide it to us.

Decorations always add a bit of personal flare to the celebrations. Fall leaves, gourds and pumpkins are always fun to add on, but it’s nice to add a personal note of family gratitude. A collection of family photos taken during especially memorable times can be show cased. Drag out old family albums and let them sit out to be perused through.

To welcome your guests at the front stoop, you can hollow a pumpkin out and make it an impromptu flower holder. With what you’ve taken out, you can roast pumpkin seeds and have them sitting in a decorative bowl for snacking. The rest of the insides can be made into soups or pies as part of the meal.

When setting the table, add a pencil and stationary for everyone to write down what they’re grateful for this year. You can then display them immediately afterwards in a decorated box or set of stands. The little notes make great keepsakes to display the next year and will be sure to encourage conversation when they’re recognized.

It’s a season for fun, love and gratitude. Your home can reflect that in unique and creative ways.

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